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ISO 9001 

One CERTIFIED system Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction opens the doors of the world for your company. with theMAX CONSULTING, your business progresses faster.

A ISO 9001 is the best-known normative standard in theInternational Organization of Standardization (ISO)and focuses on continuous management improvement and increased customer satisfaction. The requirements of the standard are applied to key processes of any type or size of organization. The objectives are to reduce customer complaints and eliminate rework in processes, standardizing the quality of products and services. Conquer theISO 9001 certification  will place your company among the most competitive globally.

implant the
ISO 9001 system

between 6 and 12 months

6 monthsit is a viable deadline, as long as your team dedicates the necessary effort and follows all the consultant's guidelines. We transmit knowledge and train everyone so that your company masters the requirements of the standard and is prepared to receive the external audit and gain approval.

How will we make your company achieve certification?

  • We will deliver theready management modeland we will help your team adapt to the format of your company.


  • We will give the courses for everyone to master the standard: Interpretation of ISO 9001; Internal auditor training; Strategic planning. (Check out the courseshere).

  • We will do a Internal audit at the endto make sure everything is ok!

  • We will be present at the visit of the External Auditor,to give you more certification security!

  • We will always be available, Mon. on Fridays, from 9 am to 5 pm, via the Max Consulting Platform (conheça here


  • we will celebrate togetheryour company's certification!

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