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This service imparts knowledge on how to apply Ozone Gas in food production and helps your company achieve some of these goals:

  • Increase the"shelf life"of products

  • Reduce contaminants (chemical, biological, pesticides)

  • Reduce the use of chemicals in production

  • Treat water and effluents

  • Control insects etc.

The use of Ozone Gas in the food industry is the great leap of innovation,with great effect on reduction of production costs, at making healthier foods and on environmental sustainability.

for being a sanitizing gas, natural and non-toxic, is applied without fear, at various stages of the production line.

dominate the Ozone Technology will place your company among the most innovative and competitive globally.

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implant the
ozone technology 
in 6 months

The service consists of the complete transfer of knowledge to the customer.  It is not limited to the supply of equipment produced bymyOzone, but to design and implement a project tailored to the real needs of the company.

We propose 
6 months to elaborate the project, train your team, supply the equipment, monitor the implementation and guarantee the results.

What are the service phases?
Implementation of Ozone technology?

1st. defining your project team

2nd. Train your team on the course: How to generate and apply ozone in the food industry.(Check out the course here)
3rd. Diagnosis of the company's infrastructure and operations. 

4th. Defining the priority problem from the company.
5th. Defining the goals and objectives of results.
6th. Development of ozone application protocolsas dosage, application time e technology: gas, mist or hyperozonized water.

7th. Technical and financial sizing of ozone generating equipment.

8th. Equipment installations on the production line

9th. Elaboration ofoperational procedures.

10th. final audit of the ozone system.

11th. Technology Expansion in other areas of the company

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Request a personalized quote for your company!

  • in the field ofAdditional Information, addthe type(s) of food(s)and theproblems)that you want to solve

  • inform theknowledge level   from your company on ozone technology for the food industry

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