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You who are already a consultant and want to expand your client portfolio, increase your earnings and have no geographic limits to operate throughout Brazil, count on Max Consulting.

Through MAX, you will have access to modern platforms and methods of providing consultancy services, with agility, security and productivity, working from anywhere over the internet.

The MAX consulting method allows you to serve up to 20 clients dedicating 5 hours per client per month. Your monthly earnings could be between R$500.00 and R$1,500.00 per customer.

Being a MAX accredited consultant requires dedication and organization, which are rewarded with profitability and improved lifestyle, with more free time and predictable earnings.

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Inform your area of interest among the types of consultancies that MAX already has:

  • Food Safety Management Systems

  • Quality Management Systems

  • Social Responsibility, environmental and governance management systems.

Provide a summary of your education and a brief history of your professional experience.

Use the Consultant Accreditation form at the bottom of this page and wait for a video meeting to be scheduled.

At  meeting you will receive more information about the business model and know if you have the profile to be accredited.

Other benefits of being an accredited consultant by Max Consulting

1st.Access to the Max Consulting Consulting Platformcontaining Management Models ready to serve customers.

2nd.Training on the Online Consulting methodand how to adapt to the technological service format. 
3rd.Training to publicize the   services of  MAXin your city and region and indicate potential customers.

4th.Provide Consultancy in the service you are accredited with, and for the customers you referred. 

5th.Complete support from the MAX commercial and administrative team, with sales support, hiring the customer, issuing the service invoice and financial collection.

6th.monthly financial transferrelating to the consultations provided by you and the awards for your nominations.

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