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Companies that export food to theUnited States of America (USA)must implement this health control required by the US government. Only then will your company be able to sell to that country and be commercially competitive. With MAX, your business progresses faster.

AFSMA - Food Safety Modernization Actin Portuguese,Food safety modernization law, requires the company to implement theHARPC manual to control chemical, physical and biological risks; and that has a technical manager approved by theFDA (Food in Drug administration),and that it must implement the controls and follow-ups to certify that the management system complies with the requirements of the law. Max Consulting hasFDA-qualified consultants.

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implant the
requirements of
between 6 and 12 months

We've already helped companies implement theHARPC manual and adjust the proceduresem 6 months, whichit is a viable deadline, as long as your team dedicates the necessary effort and follows all the consultant's guidelines. We transmit knowledge and train everyone so that your company masters the requirements of this law and is prepared to receive theFDA external audit.

How will we make your company comply with the FSMA Act?

  • We will deliver themanual template and ready proceduresand we will help your team adapt to the format of your company.


  • we will give thecourses for everyone to master the requirements of the law: Basic course on the FSMA Law; Internal auditor training. (Check out the courseshere).

  • We will do a Internal audit at the endto make sure everything is ok!

  • We will be present at the visit of the FDA Auditor, togive more security in the evaluation!

  • we will always beavailable, Mon. on Friday, from 9am to 5pm,by the Max Consulting Platform (conheça here


  • We will celebrate the approval of your company together!

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