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ISO 22000

Monitor and develop  CERTIFIED system of Food Safety Management, and update training so that your team maintains certification and achieved results.

Contents of

We help the company's managers in running the management system smoothly and in an organized manner, including: courses, 01 internal audit andStrengthening the Culture of Food Safety.

How will we make your company maintain certification?

  • One 6 month contract, renewable.

  • We will deliver allAnnual roadmap of essential activitiesof the management system and we will help your team adapt to the format of your company.


  • We will review the qualifications of the people and give thecourses for everyone to master the norm: ISO 22000 training (interpretation and auditor); GMP; HACCP; Food legislation.Discover the courses here.

  • Bonus:updatestandard version.


  • we will make aannual internal audit  to make sure everything is ok!

  • We will be present at the visit of the External Auditor, to give youmore security of re-certification!

  • we will always beavailable, Mon. on Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm,for the Max Consulting Platform(meet here).


  • we will celebrate togetherthe re-certification of your company!

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